Our Mission

To establish long term partnerships built on solid foundations of
superior service, expertise, communication & continuous improvement

Continuous Improvement

We encourage innovation to continuously improve the way we work. We are constantly reviewing, learning, updating & improving.


We are committed to the highest personal and professional standards through training, mentoring & promotion. We encourage creativity to achieve excellence.


We act with integrity and complete transparency to promote a climate of mutual trust & respect with each other and our clients.


We are committed to bringing the best out of each other by recognising each other’s talents. Every employee is encouraged to contribute to our success.


We promote balance between work & home. We are positive people who celebrate achievement, learn from our mistakes & most importantly enjoy our work.


The Bayton Group is committed to improving the Sustainability performance of the organisation through promoting a culture of sustainability, managing our operations in a way that minimises our environmental impact and enabling the integration of sustainable principles and practices to our day to day activities.

The Bayton Group

The BAYTON GROUP have been developing and improving cleaning methods to help our clients succeed since 1965. 

Due to Bayton specialising in multiple industries our client base is more diverse than most of our competitors. This diversity provides Bayton with the unique ability to draw parallels from relevant experiences from each industry. 

We have had great success in sharing skills, knowledge and ideas that are being utilised in one industry to solve an operational challenge in another.

We Specialise In

Bayton have dedicated cleaning specialists who provide cleaning and maintenance services to over 500 sites nationally in the following industries:

Industry Bayton Specialist
Commercial Bayton Cleaning
Industrial Bayton Cleaning
Retail Bayton Cleaning
Aged & Health Care Bayton Health & Support Services
Hotels & Public Areas International Hotel Services
Emergency Services & Carpet Cleaning Bayton Carpet Cleaning & Emergency Services